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orwegian Cruise Line Cutting Back   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Jan-14 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 150 views.

Norwegian Cruise Line Cutting Back on Entertainment

Norwegian Cruise Line is making entertainment cutbacks across the fleet, including reducing onboard staff and production shows.

Norwegian Cruise Line is making further adjustments to its offerings onboard, and this time, it’s all about entertainment. The cruise line has communicated to impacted crew members that as it’s moving into a steadier state of operations, some of its shipboard options are changing. This includes staff cutbacks and reduced production shows.

This news comes after NCL has made several changes across the fleet recently, including increasing gratuities, reduced housekeeping, shoreside staff reductions, room service fees, and even removing crew member privileges in guest areas.

NCL Adjusts Entertainment

Norwegian Cruise Line is continuing with its cutbacks, as some crew members are reporting the line is cutting cast members and other entertainment staff. In some cases, contracts were ended early, and recently hired workers were told not to report to their ship.

NCL informed crew members that it was moving into a steadier state of operations, and this included making some adjustments across its entertainment departments onboard ships.

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