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Frontier Airlines scrapped it call line   Travel by Plane

Started Jan-18 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 277 views.

Frontier Airlines scrapped its customer service call line. Here's how that's going.Frontier Airlines scrapped its customer service call line. Here's how that's going.

Frontier Airlines did away with its customer service call line a few months ago in favor of a messaging-based system available on multiple platforms. 

The airline says customer response has been good so far, but a number of Frontier passengers told USA TODAY that their experience with the new protocol was decidedly less positive. 

Joe Lorenz was booked to fly from Grand Rapids, Michigan, to Denver to celebrate the New Year, and he received a message that his flight was canceled while he was on his way to the airport. He and his travel companions ended up renting a car and driving from Michigan to Colorado, but they were unable to confirm whether the reservation for their flight home was still valid.

"I'm not doing it again. It's a deal breaker for me," he said. "We're fairly tech-savvy people. I can't imagine trying to deal with this if we didn't have three people on this trying to figure it out."

Is Frontier's new support system helpfu

Lorenz said getting in touch with the airline is frustrating and time-consuming using the new system.

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have not thought this would be helpful ever since it was disclosed in an earlier post.

Sometimes people need to talk to a live CSR

In fact, this reader would prefer less menus and more live people answering phones whenever possible.

I agree, most times I do need a live person.

me too. I am getting tired of all the electronic phone trees and menus

so glad some companies are getting the message. I saw an ad for  a Medicare Advantage Plan that actually said they don't use them. 
If I wasn't already enrolled in one I like, I would have signed up for that one Just Cuz.

more people and companies need to have live people answer the phone.