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Guide to Wheelchair Accessible RVs   Seniors and disabled travel

Started Aug-28 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 220 views.

Guide to Wheelchair Accessible RVs

If you have a week or two (or preferably longer) to vacation, a road trip might be just what you’re looking for. Road trips offer a chance to set your own pace while relaxing, enjoying time with friends and family and exploring so much more of the world around. Road-tripping in a personal car or wheelchair accessible van is certainly possible, but it’s much more enjoyable in a wheelchair accessible RV, motorhome or camper van.

In this guide to wheelchair accessible RVs, I’ll introduce you to the different options for purchasing an accessible motorhome or camper van, opportunities to rent a wheelchair accessible RV, and some important things to consider before hitting the road.

Wheelchair Accessible Motorhomes for Sale

Two major manufacturers of motorhomes produce include wheelchair accessible RV models in their product lines — they are not aftermarket adaptations, but rather feature direct-from-the-factory accessibility features. Streamlined manufacturing helps to reduce cost and the prevalence of accessible motorhomes on the market. Below, we take a closer look at the accessible RV models that are currently in production.

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