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Sept edition of Delphi News & Views   U.S.A

Started Sep-11 by Lyndy (Lyndy7); 111 views.
Lyndy (Lyndy7)

From: Lyndy (Lyndy7)


The September edition on News & Views is available for your reading pleasure! We have cat facts; jokes; and quotes as well as 3 featured forums for you to visit and enjoy. They are the 40ish and Beyond forum an excellent forum with something for everyone to enjoy; The Dictionary Forum which has much more than just words out of the Dictionary - I guarantee you will enjoy it and The World of Streaming - a very enjoyable and informative Forum .Just go to the scroll below and click on it to take you to the News and Views forum to see the articles about the forums. You can click on the names of the forums to be taken to visit them! They are all three quality forums, worth a visit and maybe make some some new friends! Come and enjoy the articles and join in! Make comments, ask questions whatever you wish! Leave your url address and name of your forum if you want to b featured in the next edition or have the notice of publication post in your forum.! We also do interviews if you or one of your members wants to be featured! There is something for everyone - come on down and join in! We would love to meet you there! so leave us some feedback!