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You can spend two months exploring Japan   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Sep-16 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 158 views.

You can spend two months exploring Japan, more for $8K on this cruise

If Japan is on your travel bucket list, why not take the scenic route?

Holland America Line’s new Majestic Japan cruise will take guests there and back over nearly two months in 2024. During the 53-day cruise, one of the cruise line’s Legendary Voyages, passengers will also visit Alaska and Hawaii and Canada, and feature multiple overnight stays.

“This cruise allows us to offer Japan ‘from your doorstep’ with no more than a domestic air flight to Seattle,” Paul Grigsby, the line’s Vice President of Deployment & Itinerary Planning, said in a statement.

Here’s what travelers can expect.

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