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Iceland   Europe

Started by Glen (GEAATL); 1731 views.

From: Glen (GEAATL)


Iceland has consistently taken the top slot on The Global Peace Index since it began in 2008. The analysis ranks 162 countries according to 50 indicators, such as the percentage of GDP spent on military expenditures and the level of organized crime. Iceland’s lack of a standing army and comprehensive welfare system are just two reasons why it is considered the most peaceful country.  Did you know that you can hike through Iceland’s magma fields and lava caves, or that there’s an abandoned plane wreck that’s been sitting on an Icelandic beach for 40 years? Iceland is also the number one ranked country for gender equality and a hotspot for data centers. Icelandair got creative and made stunning Icelandic landscapes the star of their new in-flight video (Watch it here). Once you’ve arrived in iceland, there are plenty of fun events to enjoy under the midnight sun this summer, including All Tomorrow’s Parties and the Ryekjavik Pride parade that celebrates human rights. The Guardian recently visited the land of ice and fire to join Iceland’s European Film Festival as it braved the elements to take European art film to some of Iceland’s most remote villages. GrindTV also took a trip to Iceland and discovered there is much more to the country than glacial formations and frozen rivers.


From: Glen (GEAATL)


And in Iceland, NextStop  takes you INSIDE a volcano: