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Should Glen close his forums?   General Travel Discussion

Started Oct-29 by Glen (GEAATL); 451 views.

From: Glen (GEAATL)


Unlike the forums that I just closed, since someone did offer to run this forum, and she started it, I am returning this forum to CSTAR1.   I did use this forum as my first Zeta forum, and whileI suspect she disagreees, this forum was a disaster in Zeta and lost what traction it had, and regrew a bit under classic.   Unless she generates lots of new Zeta members, and frankly they didn't materialize, I know that the few regulars here, almost to a 100% unanimity, expressed a like for Classic and dislike for Zeta.   I can't control what she does, and wish this forum well, but hope she considers the wishes of its remaining members.

At least for now, see me in Law and Memorial and thanks for your kind words.


From: Cstar1


Thank you, Glen. You did a great job with this forum, taking it from a simple webtag I created into a full-fledged travel forum. I wish you the best with your remaining forums, and in meeting the challenges your health issues have presented you. 


From: Cstar1


cwhobe said...


I do enjoying this forum although I rarely post in any forums.   Love the beautiful photos and often snag one here or there to add to the thousands we have taken on our years of touring the world. 

One note, I do NOT like for the Zeta format!  I've tried to visit forums using it for i just DO NOT LIKE IT.  If you do take this forum back, please do NOT change it to Zeta!  I'm old and obviously set in my ways but much prefer the classic format. In fact, I liked the old TEXT format we used for years before Delphi switched to classic! 

Just my two cents. 


I'm glad you've enjoyed the forum - poster or not. :) Every forum needs posters and visitors, and as long as you find things of value in it, it's worth whatever your participation level might be. 

I'll admit that I do intend to modernize this forum by converting it to Zeta. Now, before that completely turns you off, I'm willing to offer a compromise. Unlike most of my Zeta forums, I'm willing to leave this forum as an "optional" Classic forum. In other words, if you mark in your preferences to view all forums as Classic, you'll still see this forum as Classic. I won't force the Zeta view on anyone. (Unless you visit via mobile, then all forums are automatically presented in Zeta.)

If you have not already done so, go to My Preferences on the My Forums page.

Mark the box to view all Zeta forums as Classic, and click Update.

You'll continue to see this forum in Classic.

You will miss out on some of the features of a Zeta forum, like Live Story and embedding articles, but if you're happy with Classic, then by all means, that's how you should view this forum! 

i wish i had been there when the decision was made to close the Medical forum, i learnt a lot and visited that forum frequently. I was myself in hospital when all these decisions went down and unable to cast my single dissenting vote about that one.

I rarely posted in it but i visited it frequently. I don't think there i s a simiilar forum in Delphi now.

Your decisions are your own, i have made decisions about closing forums on my own too, and i am just sorry i did  not have the opportunity to say i liked and cared about that forum.

Hoping you will have the best of what you have and joy in what you have left, and the day may come when you want to start new ones.



From: Glen (GEAATL)


I am glad you enjoyed it over the years.  As our human bodies wear out, sadly it's hard to operate a large group of forums.  I do post some science and health issues in personal law, linked below, so you may find a few useful tidbits there.  Hope you're feeling better.

i have occasionally gone to the Personal Law one and learnt things there, too. I will be happy to see it  continue.

i hope you  will feel better too, and there is future for all of us who like to run forums.

(esp Shorty, at last count she had 147 of them!)

thanks for letting me know about the personal  law one.