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Should Glen close his forums?   General Travel Discussion

Started 10/29/17 by Glen (GEAATL); 669 views.

From: Glen (GEAATL)


I am glad you enjoyed it over the years.  As our human bodies wear out, sadly it's hard to operate a large group of forums.  I do post some science and health issues in personal law, linked below, so you may find a few useful tidbits there.  Hope you're feeling better.

krathyn (Phantom7031)

From: krathyn (Phantom7031)


i have occasionally gone to the Personal Law one and learnt things there, too. I will be happy to see it  continue.

i hope you  will feel better too, and there is future for all of us who like to run forums.

(esp Shorty, at last count she had 147 of them!)

thanks for letting me know about the personal  law one.