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Carnival adds dining charges   Travel by Ship/Boat

Started Nov-3 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 164 views.

Carnival Cruise Line Adds Dining Charges and Makes Changes

With ongoing supply costs and waste a concern for all cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Line has decided to make some changes to popular dining venues, including increasing costs for specialty dining and adding new charges to entrees in the Main Dining Room.

These increases follow a variety of cost increases for onboard dining options earlier this year, and are sure to be a concern to budget-conscious cruisers.

Multiple Dining Changes

In emails sent to booked guests, Carnival Cruise Line has announced several changes to its onboard dining venues, including new costs and menu changes. These new charges and other changes are being explained as reactions to higher operating costs and to mitigate food waste.

“We have all experienced the impact of inflation, higher fuel prices and supply chain challenges,” the email begins. “At Carnival, we have worked very hard to minimize the impact on our guests.”

“We have reached a point with our food costs, however, where we must take some modest but specific actions, which we know most of you have done yourselves, whether with your dining out patterns or shopping to stock the refrigerator or pantry.”


To mitigate these expenses, as well as food sourcing challenges, the cruise line will now add a surcharge to multiple main dining room entrees, increase specialty dining costs, and discontinue the 24/7 ice cream and frozen yogurt.

New Charge Added to Main Dining Room

The most startling of these new changes, made beginning on all sailings departing as of Monday, November 7, 2022, is a new $5 (USD) charge added per entrée in the Main Dining Rooms for any entrée past the first two a guest may order at the same meal. The fee will also apply to sailings in Australia, for AU$7.

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