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Frontier Airlines cuts customer service   Travel by Plane

Started Nov-27 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 302 views.

Frontier Airlines no longer has a customer service phone line

 Customers who need flight information or want to make changes to travel plans can no longer call Frontier Airlines and speak to an agent, the company confirmed to CNN Saturday.

Starting last week, the ultra low-cost airline said it has transitioned to fully digital communications. Customers seeking help or information from the carrier must deal with an online chatbot, social media channels or WhatsApp. Those who need to speak to a live agent can use the carrier's 24/7 chat tool.

"We have found that most customers prefer communicating via digital channels," spokesperson Jennifer F. de la Cruz said in a statement, saying they can now receive information as "expeditiously and efficiently as possible."

Frontier is known for its cost-cutting measures, such as charging for advance seat assignments and for carry-on bags that exceed the carrier's size rules, checking their dimensions when you board.

Customers who call the customer service phone number now are greeted with an automated message that says, "At Frontier, we offer the lowest fares in the industry by operating our airline as efficiently as possible. We want our customers to be able to operate efficiently as well, which is why we make it easy to find what you need at or on our mobile app. We also have a chat service available 24/7."

Its low-cost flight competitors, Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Airlines, still use call centers staffed by live agents.

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krathyn1 (Phantom7031)

I would be disappointed. I am old fashioned and like to have a live person to talk to.

IMO this is so wrong.  It's more money in the bosses pocket IMO.

krathyn1 (Phantom7031)

wonder if eventually a person with a disability will sue them.

krathyn1 (Phantom7031)

they could only go so far....
the more vulnerable the person was who needed the help the more they could sue for...