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Top 3 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling   Asia

Started Jan-4 by maldives2; 85 views.

From: maldives2



Top 3 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling
Top 3 Best Maldives Resorts for Snorkeling Image

The Maldives is endowed with ninety thousand (90,000) square kilometers of total area and the bounty of the sea makes 99 percent of this leaving 298 square kilometers of green land outlined with the silvery coralline sands of beaches. Right under the crystalline waters of the sea, there are approximately eight thousand nine hundred (8,900) square kilometers niched by coral reef systems home to a diversity of vibrant marine creatures enlivening the silent waters.

Indeed, the Maldives is not only rich in land but so as the beauty of lavish waters is truly something to behold. A closer inspection of these underwater treasures would definitely sate your eyes and soul. Snorkeling in the Maldives coral reef environment will truly surfeit your swimming experience. 

Snorkeling experience is at its best when you have the best reef houses, a diverse marine ecosystem, invigorating schools of fishes, crystalline turquoise waters with good visibility, and diver-friendly currents which are perfect ingredients for an underwater sightseeing experience. Needless to say, the Maldives just happen to have them all.

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Great information, thank you!