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11 must do Canadian train trips   Canada

Started 2/26/23 by Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1); 328 views.
Shrinking Shorty (TOILETHEA1)

These 11 Scenic Canadian Train Trips Take You to Awe-Inspiring Northern Wonders

Canada is second only to Russia when it comes to land mass, which means seeing its vast wilderness can be overwhelming. Luckily, Canadian train trips cross most of it, and the journeys allow you to take in some of the world's most spectacular scenery, stress-free. Some of the country’s most remote—and beautiful—spots lack road access, so a train ride may also be the only way to visit. Here are eleven of the most beautiful Canadian train trips. 

(Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars.)


Via Rail’s Winnipeg to Churchill

This 1,054-mile trip north feels more interplanetary than provincial, whisking you from urban Winnipeg to the tundras of Churchill, known as the polar bear capital of the world. Accessible by plane or train only, it’s also prime turf for beluga whale-watching, and possibly the world’s best perch to view the northern lights. Landscapes en route are breathtaking, with stops including tiny river towns The Pas, Thompson, and Weir River. Splurge on Via’s Sleeper Plus class for access to a bed and shower. 

Tickets from $230 one-way.


Ontario Northland’s Polar Bear Express, Cochrane to Moosonee

Ontario is larger than France and Spain combined, but most visitors stick to its big southern cities. Embarking from tiny Cochrane—nearly 500 miles north of Toronto—the Polar Bear Express chugs five hours further north to Moosonee, so remote it lacks road access. The route mimics a path fur traders favored centuries ago, through a primeval landscape of thick forests and winding rivers. Note that reaching Cochrane involves a flight to northeastern Timmins and an overnight bus ride. 

Tickets from $49.15 one-way.

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The Rocky Mountaineer is a great train trip.  Start in Vancouver and end in Calgary.   Guests do not sleep on the train but stay in Fairmont Hotels and go sight seeing each day but the ride on the train is awesome.