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MS Gave Billion Users Reason To Quit W10   General Discussion

Started 6/15/20 by 1776 (MRCROSSROADS); 98 views.



Picked up by Techdows, is something which may well be the final straw for many running Windows 10. While serious, the problem is not the latest bug, but how it got there and what it says about Microsoft’s fundamentally flawed process in building a reliable operating system. 

The bug was introduced by the (increasingly infamous) ‘Windows 10 May 2020’ update and it breaks an important feature for many: Fresh Start. This allows users to reinstall Windows 10 without losing their data. It’s a crucial tool for many if their PC runs into a serious problem. Bugs happen, but what Techdows discovered is users have been warning Microsoft about this in their droves since the May 2020 update first went into testing more than eight months ago. 

“The issue was brought to Microsoft attention by insiders and users via feedback hub many times before, but the company released May 2020 Update without fixing the issue,” explains Techdows. And worse still: “This issue is not listed in Windows 10 2004 known issues document Microsoft maintains on its website.” They are right, it’s not

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