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OpenSuse is a closed Book to me.   General Discussion

Started Aug-9 by Clive - Proctalgia Fugax :0(( (cl1ve); 130 views.


I kinda borked OpenSuse Leap 15.1 somehow, natural flair probably.  Relied on LinxMint instead.


15.2 Leap is now out. 

I downloaded the DVD, Live and Repair iso's.


DVD install was a total disaster, made the USb in W10, remade it twice in Mint.

Tried the Live and Repair, nothing got me nowhere, 'cept annoyed.


Downloaded and made the NET install in Mint.


So we are talking about a dozen or more attempts to get a working Leap.

Now I have used SuSE fron version 6.0 in 1998 and toyed with others since 1995 ish.


Worst linux ever is   LEAP 15.2 


Downloaded the TumbleWeed net version and VOILA I am here.






I've been SO tempted to give Leap a openSUSE another look, but I've really scaled back my distro hopping and have been running mostly MX Linux for over a year. I do have one laptop running Pop, but MX is a doll.

Stability is the number one thing, along with useability and eye candy.


DOH! that's 3 things.