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Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr: there's a host of other social network companies out there, & chances are you use at least one of them. Bring your contacts there back to Delphi, your internet home.

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If you haven't heard of Twitter by now, 
you haven't been paying attention.

Get started by signing up for an account on Twitter.


Newcomer's Guide  Deciding Who To Follow
Follow Me Buttons & Icons   Creating Custom Backgrounds
Twitter Etiquette   The Power of Retweeting
Twitter Signatures  Trending Topics & Hashtags
Add a birdbrain to your
your messages
Promoting Your Forum
Using Twitter


Disclaimer: Please note that this is not an official Delphi forum. Cstar1 is solely responsible for its content, though of course, she disavows any knowledge of her own actions. Or inactions, for that matter. If you're impolite to other users here, or negative about Delphi, Twitter, or social sharing, she'll kick yer butt out without a second thought or apology. 

All social sharing features are On in this forum. Sharing is the point. Duh.

The folks at Twitter posted this on July 1, 2009. several days after this forum was created and named. Just so it's clear, this forum is not connected with Twitter in any way. We make no claims to the "Twitter" name, other than as users of the service.