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Twitter for Forum Promotion   Twitter For...

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Sorry took so long but just saw I had a post here. Yes I am taking advantage.  :) Happy New Year!!!

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Bumping up this discussion for you.


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uh oh you spotted me shocked


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The only thing that concerns me with using Twitter for Forum Promotion is that guests must be enabled... that being said, with the latest changes that have been made, it has been said that in order to keep your forum free of the viglinks,  guests must be disabled...

How do we get around that or do be enable guests and chance the viglinks on the message board?

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Ninee said...

How do we get around that or do be enable guests and chance the viglinks on the message board?

You have to make a choice. If you want your forum to grow, you need guest access on. Newcomers simply aren't going to go through the login process just to take a look at your forum. Remember, you're trying to entice them into your forum, not put up barriers to them getting in. Guest access is on in all my forums, and it's on in all the forums you see on Delphi's front page. Some of those forums get literally thousands of guests a day. 

Viglinks doesn't hurt anyone, despite all the panic you might have read. If you see messages that have an inappropriate link, report it to staff and it can get added to the filter that prevents that word from being linked. We've already added most political terms, and others that were brought to our attention.

Here's what I'd do: Go to our front page, log out, then visit some of those forums as a guest. Scroll through a dozen or more threads, and look for the Viglinks links. Then ask yourself, "If I were a guest, newly arrived here, would this bother me?"

Then you have a solid basis for making your decision.


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I was asked whether it's better to use #delphiforums or @delphiforums in your tweets promoting your Delphi forum. Sending a promo to Twitter will automatically append the #delphiforums hashtag. Leave it in place if you have room, but remove it if you need the characters for your message.

It's probably better to use a hashtag or @ different from #delphiforums or @delphiforums if you're trying to widen your audience.

Here's how it works....

Let's use an imaginary forum called Celebrities! as our example. If you use #delphiforums in your tweet, people that are searching for that term will be presented with a list of messages that have used the same hashtag. If you use @delphiforums, you'll find only messages/people that have used @delphiforums in their own message. That's fine if you're only trying to get the attention of people who already know about Delphi.

What you want to do, is use @ and # for other terms in your message, to broaden your audience. So, if you're talking about a celebrity, use their @ symbol, or that of a prominent fan or fanclub to gain their attention, and that of others that are interested in that celebrity.

Here are some examples:

Did Ashton Kutcher get Mila Kunis pregnant? In Celebrities! #delphiforums

Anyone searching for #delphiforums will see the message. But you want to reach other people that don't know to search for #delphiforums.

Did @aplusk get Mila Kunis pregnant? In Celebrities! #delphiforums

Anyone searching for Ashton Kutcher by his Twitter name will potentially see your post, and can click on your link. (I'm leaving links out of this illustration, since our forum is imaginary.)

Now, the advantage to using @aplusk over Ashton Kutcher is that while those searching for Ashton Kutcher will see your message in their search results, it's unlikely that Ashton Kutcher would be searching on his own name. By using @aplusk in your message, it would appear in his Mentions (now called Notification) stream. In other words, he would get your message.

And now, a subtlety of using @...

@aplusk, did you get Mila Kunis pregnant? In Celebrities! #delphiforums

In this case, since the @ appears as the first character in the message, only you and @aplusk will see the message. You have, in essence, addressed the message to him.

.@aplusk, did you get Mila Kunis pregnant? In Celebrities! #delphiforums

In this case, since the @ symbol isn't the first character in the message, anyone searching for @aplusk will see the message, since he's only mentioned in the message, it wasn't addressed to him. Most people use the period before the name if they want everyone to know that they're talking about someone, but you could use any character or word.

One more...

Hey, @aplusk, did you get Mila Kunis pregnant? In Celebrities! #pregnantcelebrities #babybump

Everyone searching for @aplusk will see the message, everyone searching for #pregnantcelebrities or #babybump will see the message, AND Ashton Kutcher will see the message. Since you're looking for as wide an audience as possible, that's going to be the better format.

#pregnantcelebrities is not as popular a hashtag as #babybump. By choosing a popular (relevant!) hashtag, you increase your chances of your message being seen by lots of people. If you know two popular ones and have the room, so much the better.

On Twitter, all you have to do to search a hashtag is click on it. Though hashtags were invented as a search term by a user, Twitter jumped on the bandwagon and hyperlinks all hashtag terms to their search engine automatically. Facebook implemented it last year, so it works the same way there now too.

If people tell you to avoid using hashtags, they are WRONG. What you should avoid doing is using hashtags that aren't relevant to your message.