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Keys to a Successful Twitter Account   Social Media in General

Started 10/18/19 by MeganGree; 139 views.

From: MeganGree


1. Good Description is a Half of Success

The first and foremost thing to custom is the user name. It should reflect clearly the spirit of the account. And it should be easy to find. Also, research shows that people are more likely to trust a page that depicts a human being than just a logo.

2. Don’t Forget About Tweets

Twitter is a social media platform in which users share texts. These pieces are called tweets. The only way of keeping such a feed active is by tweeting a lot. Think about something creative and original, to say at least once a day.

3. Post in the Best Time

There are certain times for everything. This also applies to the social media network. Many studies prove that people use Twitter on their lunch breaks, for example. 

4. Hashtags Are Also Useful Here

Hashtags help every person interested in a certain topic would find it with ease. Even though some people ignore it, hashtags are crucial when it comes to twitter. The only thing users will do is to look up for a certain keyword. Then, they will find whatever they were looking for. Use them wisely.

5. Visuals Make Content Powerful

Research proves that tweets with visuals get a lot more comments and likes than those who do not. So, any admin who would like to increase its numbers has to consider looking for an image that goes with the tweet. Of course, the latter has to be related to the words.

6. Cross Share the Tweets

Nobody should ignore the potential of using many platforms to promote a business. Today, brands usually have accounts across them. For instance, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. This happens because the content to publish in each of them is different. So, if owners decide to post something interest on Twitter, they can promote it using the rest of the profiles they have elsewhere.

7. Encourage New Public

When someone is new, it’s not easy for them to participate. It’s the job of the admin, then, to promote engagement using different techniques. This will create a feeling of unity among the users because they will feel that they know each other. And not only that they share an interest alone.



From: volochain


1- Size always matter on Twitter

2- Evergreen content means Unique Content

3- Links with contagious content

4- Tweet multimedia Content

5- Always use productive Tools