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Official Tweet Button Rolled Out   What's a Twitter?

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From: Cstar1


Twitter came out with their own Tweet button this week, and a variety of methods to use their buttons, or to create your own. Most of them use javascript or iframes, and are not really useable here.

But.... I seem to have managed to create one that does at least some of what the official ones do with a stripped out HTML version. Just add one of the "birdbrains" to post you want to promote on Twitter.

If you click the birdie, you should be taken to a Twitter sign in page (if you're not already signed in) and then to a shortened URL for the message. Add your own message, and tweet. (I've done everything but the final step, which I'll try on this message.)

Someone who actually knows what they're doing could probably make it do more, but I'm just happy I got it this far. :)

Here's the birdbrain code:

<A class=twitter-share-button href="" target=_blank><IMG alt="Share this on Twitter!" src="" border=0></A>

Just so no one panics, if you put the birdbrain on a message in a limited access folder and click on the link, you get the standard "This message has been deleted" bar. Private forums are accessible only if you know the GAC.

I created a variety of "birdbrains" to use. If you try it and it doesn't work as expected, please let me know!




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From: Cstar1


It does seem to work all the way through the process, though it breaks the right frame out, and it would be better if it didn't. You can't get to the entire forum from any of the links on the right frame, though you can read an entire single discussion.

I still wish it was fully functional, but hey, this is better than nothing. :)

As I said, anyone who *actually* knows what they're doing with coding and can deal with Delphi's restrictions can probably do more.

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From: Entrances


So we should use the Tweet button you've provided here? Or should we pay close attention to the one you talk about on your blog on this post


From: Cstar1


They're for different things. The tweet buttons that I called birdbrains are for putting on a post that you want people to retweet. You click the birdbrain, you'll be sent to a Twitter sign-in page, and a link to the post the birdbrain was on will be broadcast on Twitter.

The one you point to in my journal is for putting tweets you find interesting into a Delphi message.

The first one sends a Delphi message to Twitter, the second one will bring a Twitter message to Delphi.

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So we just put the code into the post? Do we have to change any of it to suit or forums? Posts? And can we just put it in our sig to save time?

From: Cstar1


Yep, just put the code in any post. If you're going to use it a lot, I'd prefer you download the image and change that part of the code to your own webspace. Other than that, you don't have to make any modifications.

I haven't tried it in a signature, but it should work. You can test it out by clicking on the button when it's in your sig, then copy/paste the shortened URL into a new browser window.


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TY. I am really bad at this stuff but will give it a try.  :)

As ya see, I did something wrong. LOL. The code I used was---

<A class=twitter-share-button href="" target=_blank><IMG alt="Share this on Twitter!" src=" " border=0></A>
I also tried it with---
Cause when I saved it to my puter, it was a ping. Didn't let me upload it any way but save this picture. I put it through paint to open and change to jpeg. It gave it a yucky black background, but worked. Yet it's not showing. ANy ideas?

From: Cstar1


You shouldn't need to do anything to the image other than upload it to your webspace. The URL's you're using for photobucket are not correct for an image.

Save it to your computer, than upload it to photobucket - or better yet - to your Delphi webspace.

Do you know how to use your Delphi webspace? Have you used it before?

If you haven't used it before, click on the Journal tab on your profile and activate it. You don't have to use it, but that will activate your webspace as well. Then go to the My Forums tab, and you'll see a green My Files folder on the top right.

Uploading an image is easy - browse for it on your computer, then click the upload button. The upload will take just a second or two. Then click on the image name to open the image. Copy the URL for the image from the address bar, and insert it in the Twitter button code.

Let me know where else you need help.

Guess it wouldn't work with Bucket. THANKS for all the help!!! One last question, would it be easy for me to make it say Tweet this Post!

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