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Origin of term “Race” as Meaning “Ethnic Group” or “Nation”

Essay Written by Erni-Renee

The term race was first used in 1580 AD. It originated in Middle French for generation and from an Old Italian word “razza.

Unfortunately, we live in a time in history when a handful of powerful people have the power to give newly-coined words new definitions and to interject them into ancient text to mean something unknown to the ancient people, which distorts their ancient history. An example would be the word razza or race.

This term, as an ethnic group or a racial group according to modern-day understanding, is not used in the ancient writings in the Old Testament Bible or the New Testament Bible. This term in references to various tribal groups is unknown to the ancients (Afro-Asians of Africa and Asia). These tribal families were known by their ancestry names of their tribal chiefs. Many Africans (e.g. the Ibo) are still known to each other by their tribal names and they still pick mates from their tribal ancestors.

The definition for the term race continues to evolve. Today it means a class or kind of people unified by shared interest, habits or characteristics; it means a taxonomic category (as a subspecies) representing such a group; it means a family, tribe people or nation belonging to the same stock.; it means a category of humankind that shares certain distinctive physical traits. And the definitions can go on and on.

The Hebrew term goy or goyim was used to refer to any group of people including the ancient Israelites. It simply meant people or nation, but not in the sense of nations today (probably tribe or clan is more accurate).

The term Goyim has a completely different many today in Judaism and Judeo-Christianity than what it meant to the ancient Israelites.  The Hebrew term (goyim) was translated gentiles to refer to those who were non-Jewish in faith or race by the King James Version (KJV) and New York Standard Version in 1952 (RSV). This explains the confusion of the Italian word Gentiles in the English Bibles. The word Gentiles is also translated heathen.

Just note that to interject race into the ancient text is equal to interjecting the term non-Jewish and Gentile as defining goyim into the text. This was foreign to the ancients. It is traditionally accepted as accurate today.


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