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From: Erni (ernirj)Jan-6 1:58 AM 
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This is What Love Looks Like (Imperfect, but Better Than Hatred)

The Achievements of President Obama and His Administration:

  1. Prevented/Saved America from a disastrous Economic/Monetary Crash.
  2. Joined the EU and helped prevent other European Countries from a catastrophic Economic crash.
  3. Implemented the strongest Wall Street regulations since the Great Depression and FDR that prevents Wall Street from inflicting pain on Main Street in the future and will better protect consumers.
  4.  Implemented legislation whereby Wall Street had to pay back the money it borrowed from the American people, plus 30 billion dollars in interest.
  5. Caused big banks to pay $204 billion dollars back to the American people in fines.
  6. Implemented programs to protect consumers from predatory lending practices of banks with the consumers’ money. (Presently, the American Economy is more endurable as a result of the Obama Administration than ever before.)
  7. Implemented programs that created 15 million new Jobs in America.
  8. Saved GM and America’s Auto Industry, creating 100,000 American jobs.
  9. Cut the American Deficit by two-third (2/3).
  10. Protected investments that grew the Middle Class.
  11. Ended the two wars he inherited. Kept his promise to bring Americans home. Reduces American troops from 180,000 to 15,000.
  12. Kept America out of war in the Middle East (Ended the lost of American lives and trillions of dollars on unwinnable wars). (Every country on earth sees America as respected and stronger today.)
  13. Protected America from foreign terrorist acts.
  14. Reduced American unemployment rate from 9% to 4.6%.
  15. Implemented the Affordable Care Act (better-know as Obamacare) and for the first time in American history, 90% of Americans have health insurance.
  16. Cut America’s dependence on foreign oil by more than a half.
  17. Implemented programs to encourage business to invest and build companies in America (e.g. Apple and China’s Foxconn).  
  18. Prevented Banks from making risky bets with Americans’ money.
  19. The poverty rate fell at a faster rate than in the last 50 years.
  20. Wages grew faster for Americans in the past few years than anytime in the past 40 years.
  21. Two-hundred nations (200) joined President Obama for a Climate agreement to work towards saving America for our children.
  22. Aided South Sudan and North Sudan in achieving independence as two sovereign countries.
  23. Restored relationship with Cuba.
  24. Implemented The Recovery Act to save jobs when states began to cut budgets and teachers, firemen, etc. began to lose their jobs. This act put a stop to the lost of state jobs.
  25. Encourage the world’s wealthiest Countries to create a fund to give developing countries credit.
  26. Implemented the American Recovery Investment Act, which created over 2 million jobs.
  27. Implemented legislation for increased support for veterans (e.g. a new GI bill to assist veterans in education and in business  career goals).
  28. Introduced accountability in billing and prevented the credit card practices of increasing their interest rates without advance notices.
  29. Implemented the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act to increase food safety for Americans and to examine the food safety of countries importing food to America.
  30. Invested more in science than any other president.
  31. Encoruage South Korean, Japan, and China to no longer purchase oil from Iran.
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From: Erni (ernirj)Jan-6 2:05 AM 
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This is What Love Looks Like (Imperfect, but Better Than Hatred) Continued

The Achievements of President Obama and His Administration:

Reportedly, President Obama achieved over 300 accomplishments during his eight years in office.  He continued to work despite all of the efforts to usurp and degrade his presidency. I’m a 71-year old layperson, and this is what I learned in my research. I’m sure, professional historians will do him justice, even if many of his fellow countrymen couldn’t appreciate him because of the behavior, noise, and power of his opponents. Even when he lowered their taxes, they allowed his opponents to convince them that he was ruining their future.


Dear Mr. President:

Only ten more days, Mr. President! You did an impeccable job in spite of the obstructionism waged against you—the relentless, abominable, and strenuous circumstances generated by your opponents. Of course you are not JESUS and HE is the only man that ever lived who was perfect. However, your care for people over fame and wealth is Christ-like. You brought your country first over the interest of others. And your love for the values of the founding fathers of this Christian land is seen in your actions and your motives. God will judge your motives and your heart. Of all the people who lived during your reign, someone of this era will write the historical truth about your time in the White House. You will be known as more than the first African-American President. Your enemies are full of sour grapes and anger because they couldn’t break your spirit and force you to follow their convictions over your own. God bless you, President Obama!


I confess, I didn’t vote for you Mr. President. I couldn’t support the platform of the Democrats. However, I celebrate you as a person, a man of the God I serve—Jesus our Christ.


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