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From: Erni (ernirj)3/13/17 5:44 AM 
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We Love Bill Cosby

We don't believe them, Cosby. And that's the bottom line! The ruler of this world, according to the Bible, is the father of lies and to destroy you is clearly their objective. We must leave them to God. Our God of LOVE knows the truth. And the followers of Satan, the slanderer, will receive their just reward.

Pray for all whom they have killed, with the red eye and also in actuality. As Jesus informed us, if they hate JESUS and could kill HIM, surely they have no problem hating and killing us.

We speak your name:

Bill Cosby

Ron Brown

Tiger Woods

Michael Jackson

Clarence Thomas

President Barrack Obama

And many, many more!


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From: Erni (ernirj)3/13/17 5:55 AM 
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Seek JESUS First

HE will redeem us and avenge us!

Seek He first, the kingdom of His love

Make Him first in everything you do
If you just trust and never doubt what he said
All good things will be added unto you

Seek He first the kingdom of His love
Make Him first in everything you do
If you just trust, and never doubt what He said
All good things will be added unto you

He's got everything you need
All He asks is that you heed 
And be faithful to the very end

When the judgment day has come
Don't you want to be the one
Just to see His face
And call him friend

Seek He first the kingdom of his love
Make Him first in everything you do
If you just trust and never doubt what He said
All good things will be added unto you
All good things will be added unto you


From: Erni (ernirj)3/13/17 6:01 AM 
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Seek JESUS First 

Keep Bill Cosby up in prayer!



From: Erni (ernirj)3/26/17 12:55 AM 
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We Love Bill Cosby; We Don't Believe his Accusers!

Reportedly, we have one ethnic group running the government, the banks, the media (television and print), the educational institutions, the publishing industries, the hospitals, and the law in America these days. They are the “mighty they” and no one has the right to judge or even be heard in America, but the “mighty they” and those who work for them. This monopoly hinders our knowledge of truth based on the news media and it allows too much room for abuse.

The fact that Cosby had extramarital affairs is obvious. However, if God and his wife and children forgives him, that should be their personal and private business. True morality would not have allowed Cosby to be tried in the media.

My Commentary:

  1. Cosby is clearly a man that probably had to fight women off. He clearly didn't have to rape women to have them.
  2. The number of women alone invites suspicion. The fact that they were alone with this married man suggest a consensual relationship.
  3. When did Cosby have time to breathe or tape his show or be with his own wife and children?
  4. Also, how could a man like Cosby, a promoter of family, education and morality, have such double standards as to actually violate and rape someone?
  5. How so many women are suddenly brave enough to expose themselves as being raped, but were all too fearful when it happened, when they had evidence to prove it is difficult to understand? Why do they expect to be more believable today?
  6. I believe Cosby cheated; I believe it was consensual. But even so many consensual affairs are difficult to believe for busy people like Cosby.
  7. Where were the reliable, honest, and moral investigative reporters when Cosby had so much sexual activity going on? How could they miss such action, if these accusations are true? Finding out about this and reporting it, especially during a time when media was more believable and deemed more trustworthy than today should have been easy to do? And yet all of these years later, we are to condemn a man based on nothing but hearsay.
  8. The crime would be rape. Did these women continue to befriend Cosby, after being raped? Do we have evidence of them avoiding him?
  9. Cosby should be able to sue the networks for destroying his reputation before an actual verdict was found.

What is the motive behind all of this:

Reportedly, Cosby was going to buy a television network and the demons destroyed his reputation to prevent this. The fact that media is now a monopoly, owned and controlled by one ethnic group, this report is more believable than Cosby as a rapist. Historically, media has always had more "hutzpah" when it comes to Blacks. And accusing black men of rape has been a historical political ploy in times past. If these accusations were accurate, I believe TRUTH would have exposed Cosby a long, long time again. 

No one man could have exploited all of those women without someone knowing about this.

Well, this is my commentary.


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From: Erni (ernirj)3/26/17 1:00 AM 
To: RGoss99  (5 of 5) 
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This is the True Evil We Should be Fighting



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