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HP Laptop Black Screen Problem

Started 6/26/20 by anmol2kumar; 106 views.

From: anmol2kumar


It’s possible that Windows has been updated recently, or if you have installed a program on your laptop, so it leads to the “HP Laptop Black Screen Problem” in your laptop. If that’s your case, you should try to restore your Windows system to the previous version. If you installed a program in your HP laptop, uninstall the program from your laptop, and restart your laptop to see if the screen works.

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Hello. I agree that you can fix this issue, but I see such problems with these laptops quite often. I think you should buy device from other manufacturer. For example I bought Huawei Matebook 13 and never had any problem. Works really fast! If you interested you can check this and other smart devices on 4Pro site. Good luck!