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Worst job you’ve had

Started 7/1/20 by kotlyarkolya; 219 views.

From: kotlyarkolya


describe the #### job/ career/ position/ role that you have held in your lifetime. Why did you accept it? Why did you leave?

My most resented job was driving an employee shuttle bus service for a temporary work agency..

I drove for hours on end transporting workers (most of them also worked for peanuts) from their pick up locations to job site. I was extremely underpaid for the amount of responsibility I had, I also felt over worked because I was one of only 2 drivers for the company.

We crowded workers on the bus like sardines, most of them were recovering from addiction and some of them were real wackos. Routes were long and just driving to one warehouse added a total of 100 miles each day round trip to the bus.

Eventually the shuttle started having issues, spark plugs blew out, the alternator gave and that’s when Everyone just said #### It. The agency gave up on the shuttle program and I too left the #### role I was in. All in all this experience allowed to see that not all job offers are a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.


From: Lucifer656


best job i ever had was working custodial at my local resort

worst job i ever had was working the same job after a new hospitality company took over the food and beverage department (custodial was under f+b) i didnt mind cleaning at all i actually enjow it but that wasnt the problem. the problems were with the #### ass company called Dana Hospitality. they failed to provide me and my co workers with paystubs for 3 months when we knew we were not getting payed what they owed us. the managers adn people working closely with our location failed to fix countless issues. got treated like #### by my one supervisor and they short staffed us like crazy so all the staff were miserable.

long story short never work for Dana Hospilality they will #### you over countless times. I didn't go into much detail because im over it at this point but yeah. and if this company is ever going to take over a f+b department you work in i would advise quitting and telling the who evers decision it was to hire the company to look at their reviews lol.


From: black1Star


I had a terrible job as a janitor. I was always afraid to leave . But I made a decision and left. I couldn't find a suitable job for a long time.the money I had saved was gone, but I had to live on something. They helped me StormGrams they issued a quick loan without any questions. So I was able to hold out for another month and found a great job. Now I didn't regret going with the old one for a second.


From: Alpen25


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