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How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket

Started Jul-7 by phd2020; 19 views.

From: phd2020


The benefits of weighted blankets for comfort, security feeling, and other health benefits make you think about purchasing one. Surprised to find that there are a lot of options out there, you need to consider just a few simple rules of thumb to make the best purchase possible. Here is a quick list of things to be sure and take into consideration when researching a weighted blanket purchase.

What Weight?

The first and foremost, when selecting a weighted blanket weight guide is to stick to the ten percent rule of thumb. Basically, it says that weighted blankets should be about ten percent of their body weight. For children, therapists normally for best results say about ten prevent of their body weight plus up to 2 additional pounds. Remember, as you are testing these, this is a simple guideline for comfort, and you may require lighter or slightly heavier for optimum support.

There Are Two of Us?

Now, you will immediately find out that most weighted blankets provide the best support when used by an individual. As you saw from weighted blanket weight guide rules, they are developed for single individuals. That being said, if a couple feels comfortable with the size of the blanket, and there is not a huge discrepancy in weights that could cause actual safety issues, sharing is possible.

Safety First

For children using weighted blankets, it is imperative that they not be used in children under 20 pounds. Older and heavier children, it will be a good idea to ensure you consult medical or therapeutic advice when making this purchase. This is a Deep Touch Pressure blanket that should have a calming effect. Any signs to the contrary, it will be vital to discontinue use and figure out if weighting should be adjusted. Also, if someone is impaired and not able to use arms, legs, or other movements to remove the blanket even in sleep, this is not advisable to be used.

Measuring First

The weight of these blankets is the first consideration, but the measurements should be carefully looked at also. Rather than merely trying to fit a bed size, these should follow different guidelines. They should traditionally only be long enough to cover a person’s chin to feet lengthwise and cover them side to side. Some persons will actually prefer to use blankets on the leg region only, and this means a shorter blanket still can be purchased. Obviously, doubling up the blanket is not advised, and too big again can have safety concerns for the person during sleep.


The weights in these blankets can be several items from pellets to rice, so can the fabric range. There is the organic weighted blanket that hold to natural fibers and can help alleviate any allergy concerns. Additionally, such textures as cotton can help with calling sensitivities of sensory-related issues. Whether a person is known to perspire, as these blankets will be more substantial, more wicking material versus cold-natured people, who might prefer flannel.

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