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What was your favorite subject in college?

Started Jul-21 by Kickmaster; 143 views.

From: Ndiyaro


I hate the humanities and the arts. It is very difficult for me to read something for a very long time. I don't see myself writing an essay. I've been looking for something that would help me write this for a long time.


From: Dornthesh


I love physics and formulas. This is a subject that helps me understand how this world works. This is really fun science. What do you find interesting about your school or college?


From: Ndiyaro


I know very well how difficult it is for the humanities to be given to students who prefer mathematics more. It's tricky, but you can learn it! I advise you to try free essay writer. These are free sample essays. That is, you can read free samples on the topic that you are looking for and do it for yourself. It won't help you learn how to write an essay from scratch, but it will get you closer to it. You can also order an essay on this site. These are great essays that always score high. This saves you a lot of time.

Hello. I like studying in general, it is quite interesting for me to learn some new interesting information, do assignments and so on. I can say that such subjects like history, biology and geography are my favorite! But I don't like writing, so I often use help from professional letter writers to do some assignments!


From: ghho9


I really like English, it is my favorite. I suppose to enter a new semester, so it would be fun.


From: kira7112


College is a pretty good theme for me. I really like English literature and must say that it is not so easy to apply to college in 2020. I was stadying at high school and after the graduation started to apply to different colleges with the use of in order to make everything right. I think that it is really important to pay attention at the structure of your recommendation letter and to pay attention at all your strong sides.

  • Edited November 14, 2020 9:21 am  by  kira7112

From: Alpen25


Thank you very much for the article. I see that you are quite intelligent when it comes to writing services. Can I ask for your help with one question? Have you tried hiring  studybay I want to contact them so they would write a professional biography. How reliable are they actually?