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What do you study in high school/college?

Started Jul-23 by kotlyarkolya; 231 views.

From: kotlyarkolya


I'm going in to college in a few weeks and I'm terrified. I've heard some pretty scary things about how hard college is and how much studying needs to be done. I did almost no studying in high school but I got still managed to get good grades. Thing is I'm pretty sure this isn't gonna work in college. Am I supposed to dedicate 3 hours every day to just rereading my notes over and over or is there something I'm supposed to do to actually study?


From: Lucifer656


It's different for everyone, and it's somewhat different across various colleges and majors, as well. Personally, I had to work my ass off to get A's and B's in high school, but easily got straight A's in college with only moderate effort. But I know most people don't have that same experience.

One difference between high school and college can be that high school is more about memorizing facts whereas mid-to-upper-level college courses (especially in the sciences) tend to be more about understanding systems of ideas. When this is the paradigm, you can spend less time re-reading your notes, but good practice includes explaining (to other people), or applying (to a project or hobby), the concepts you learned. Make sure that you understand why any given fact that you learn is true, and team up with friends and classmates to discuss what you've learned and correct each others' misunderstandings (but DO NOT CHEAT).

One other difference is that there will be a lot of reading outside of class (in some classes). This was never really my style and I sort of brute-force memorized what I could from the textbooks, but any techniques you can find to help raise your retention of what you read will be very helpful. For classes where remembering facts rather than systems is important, I recommend reading the textbook chapters slowly throughout the weeks, and then reading them a second time in the few days leading up to the exam.

A few other pieces of advice for you as you go off to college:

  • You now have a lot more freedom to choose which classes you take. Take advantage of this - choose classes you are truly interested in, rather than ones that seem easy. I sincerely found that genuine interest - the desire to learn something rather than to just get the grade - was actually the best tool I had in keeping my grades high.
  • You also have a lot more freedom to choose how you live, if you're not living at home. Make smart choices. Make good use of your time, stay the hell away from hard drugs, know your limits with alcohol, trust your instincts, and don't give into peer pressure. Failing that will tank your grades even if you're book-smart. But as long as you're staying away from bad choices, don't forget to have fun. Explore new friends, new places, and new lifestyles. Get out, get involved, and get excited. College away from home is a safer, freer version of adulthood.
  • If you do find yourself struggling in a particular class for whatever reason, talk to the class' TAs (Teachers' Aides) if the class has them, or talk to your Professor otherwise during their office hours. They all have office hours, and most genuinely want to help you succeed. Often they will keep working with you until you understand the course material well.
  • During exams, and during the lead-up to exams, RELAX. Stressing out makes it super-hard to learn and remember stuff. Stressing out is why people 'choke' during exams. You are a smart, motivated person, so stay confident that you can do it, and don't even let your mind wander to what happens if you can't (which isn't as bad as you'd fear, anyway). Be diligent about studying, but give yourself short breaks and little luxuries to keep your mental state sharp, and make yourself really comfortable.

From: black1Star


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From: Lavarda


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From: Alpen25


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