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How do you feel about decorative pillows on your bed?

Started Aug-11 by killmonger; 59 views.

From: killmonger


Ugh.  Dh and I just moved.  We are getting new bedding, and I am having to battle with him about the number of decorative pillows to have in our MBR on our bed.  How many decorative pillows do YOU have on your bed (“decorative” defined as any pillow you do not lay your head upon for sleeping)?  What are your feelings, in general, about the appropriate number of pillows to have on a bed?


From: Kickmaster


It's annoying to me to have to move too many pillows on a bed at night - or in the morning to make the bed. I believe in 2 big pillows/sham - oversized even for your bed (so maybe king pillows for a queen bed) And one decorative pillow in the middle.

I would put more emphasis on the bedding for fluff and luxury. Again, oversizing the comforter/duvet like a king size for a queen (some people even double the inside duvet), A big comfy blanket/throw on the end of the bed even folded for more volume.

I love decorative pillows. recently I took these from Or & Zon. They have unreal high-quality and stylish pillows, you can choose for different bedroom styles. I am very glad that I bought these pillows, because now the bed looks much better.


From: Alpen25


Its quite a good idea and I understand you cuz my baby also likes different decorating stuff in his bedroom. Most of all he likes when his room is full of balloons. So every time we get for him new balloons from this website , there are really lots of them with different design. It makes my son very happy and I am happy as well.