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Anyone trading Bitcoin?

Started Aug-27 by killmonger; 75 views.

From: killmonger


Is anyone here making some big buck in trading Bitcoin through the exchanges?

I tried trading a bit Bitcoin and purchased some to hold long, but I kinda miss Bitcoin being integrated in the systems that I am used to.  And it seems quite hard to get money loaded to the exchanges.

While I love the idea of Bitcoin I must say we need some better tools to trade it.  However, who is doing it here?

I've never done it, but I should have. If I bought at least one bitcoin 10 years ago, I would already be rich.


From: Kickmaster


I have been working with Bitcoin for many years and get a good profit. Of course, this is not the easiest product for investment. In General, I am interested in on creating my own cryptocurrency project. So I found bitcoin advertising network at where I can create my ads campaign.


From: Lavarda


Hello! Previously, I only made money on the exchange, but then my friend suggested to me that you can multiply your cryptocurrency here I'll tell you honestly that I'm good at it, and I already have a good result! Therefore, everyone who is also interested in gambling and the multiplication of cryptocurrencies - welcome!

Hello. As I know cryptocurrency is popular way of investment nowadays. Many people work in this direction and show good results. But I think if you don't have any experience in this, better will be to choose other opportunities or start with education. Here on you can find many financial decisions for investment. Hope this will help!

killmonger said:

Is anyone here making some big buck in trading Bitcoin through the exchanges?

Hi there. I work in this direction. I don't have big experience in trading, but with time I will succeed. Even now I have good profit. I trade via online exchange website, it provides low fees and fast order execution time! Highly recommend this service!