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How do you protect a website?

Started Aug-27 by killmonger; 43 views.

From: killmonger


From hackers and spammers?

My website doesn't have log in or user registration. Everyone is free to post as guests.

I dont have captcha or ip recording.

I would leave it as it is but there always be a douche bag who will try to ruin fun for everyone else. I was told to look out for "injection" SQL attacks?

And anything i can do about bots/spammers?


From: Kickmaster


The one thing that you can do to protect your website from attacks and hackers is validating on both browser and server side.  And keeping the software up to date can also prevent attacks. There are more things that you can do.

You can buy secure certificate . These certificates show the level of protection of your site and if your site is very poorly protected, they will help you with this. If it turns out that your site is secure, you will get a certificate for your site, that is, you will have a green lock near the URL and users will be sure that this site will not lose their personal data.

Good day. I don't an expert in this direction, but I think there can be special software for this purpose. Also don't forget to work with SEO, advertising and different marketing strategies. It is not so simple so I recommend to hire professionals for this purpose(try to contact Dteam company! Also I can say that it will take a lot of time to improve your positions because competition is high in all niches.