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How to choose the right set of training?

Started Oct-19 by golvoka; 84 views.
golvoka said:

I want to make my body beautiful. In the summer I ran in the park and did exercises for the press and legs.  But it didn't give me the result I wanted.   How to choose the right set of workouts that will allow me to lose weight? I want my body to have a beautiful relief shape.

Good evening. If your workout program became not relevant to your physical conditions, you should change it. All is very simple. You can find many other exercises online or for example to go to the gym and get consultations from professional coach. My favorite exercise is running, it is always provides good results. I even bought cool treadmill from site to be able to training at home. It is actual due to covid-19. 

Hello. It is not so simple question. It is whole science. If you don't have experience in workout, I think it will be better to go to the gym and hire experienced coach. Also I can say that products from steroid usa site can improve your results very fast! Highly recommend to read more about this!