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11 year olds acne

Started Nov-24 by black1Star; 39 views.

From: black1Star


My 11 year old is covered in spots.  I have taken her to see a nurse practitioner who says it is acne.  She has it on her shoulders and back but it is particularly bad on her forehead.  She has been prescribed a jel called adapalene but she won't use it-says it stings and the spots are getting worse.  I never had any problem with spots and isn't she a bit young to be going through this? She keeps picking the spots as well although I've told her they might scar.  Not sure about the way forward.  We've tried mild facial washes and wipes as well as with hazel.  Any help would be appreciated.

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From: Lucifer656


Hi hun. My acne started at around 11 years old as well (I'm now 35) and I had a few tough teenage years. I did all the picking and scratching and bursting. I went on a lot of medication via my GP over the years and tried quite a few things. I remember having the medication that you've mentioned and that does sting and made a difference for a very short space of time. It wasn't until I was 21 that my GP referred me to a dermatologist and I was prescibed Roaccutane. This is a very serious drug and can have side effects and there may be an age limit. I was always recommended to try everything for at least 6 months to make sure that I gave it the best shot. I would continue with your GP and maybe ask for a referral to a dermatologist if things don't improve. I suffered from quite a bit of bullying through having spots although came out the other side as a much much stronger person and I had fantastic parents who always assured me how gorgeous I was :) (and it didn't stop the boyfriends !!!)

What I wish I'd listened to was:

-Don't pick or scratch or burst. I have scarred skin now, not horrifically and most other people don't notice and I'm always aware that there are others who have suffered far worse from other things

-Try to drink lots of water and eat a healthy balanced diet. I still have bad breakouts now and need to ensure I eat as well as possible

Make sure that you listen to your child and always tell them how gorgeous they are. Keep on at the GP as acne can have a significant emotional impact on a child as well as physical.

Hope things improve for your little one xx


From: kotlyarkolya


I completely understand you my son had skin problems and I found a good treatment Roaccutane. thanks to this drug, he got rid of pimples that made him not sure. She finally got rid of her complexes. I wish you good luck.