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How to improve the legacy system of the enterprise?

Started Nov-25 by lilla99; 24 views.

From: lilla99


How to improve the legacy system of the enterprise?


From: afikl


To choose the best path, you need to identify the exact bottlenecks your legacy system is causing and how effectively each approach addresses them. Of course, there are other ways to classify it, and they could be called differently, but for now we will adhere to the following approaches: Migration and system improvements. Technology correction and growth. Complete software reengineering. The simplest and least disruptive of the three is the approach where you move your system or parts of it to the cloud with some minor adjustments. This is quite popular due to the fact that it does not interfere with the work; this approach can include general optimizations and various updates. Of course, it has some vulnerabilities - the most obvious one is that business processes in general remain unchanged and you cannot change the underlying architecture using this method. Therefore, to resolve this issue, you need to contact the specialists of the legacy modernization company Modlogix  who have experience in this field