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History of education?

Started Nov-30 by Jeraldos; 116 views.

From: Jeraldos


The first secular professional educational institutions were military and naval schools. By this time, most universities had lost their religious orientation to a significant extent. At the same time, theological education has become a separate subsystem.

The ideological change in attitude to education is usually attributed to the age of Enlightenment, whose leaders first raised the issue of introducing universal primary education and opening mass public schools and higher educational institutions. In Modern Europe, with the collapse of traditional social structures, there is a need for a new understanding of the activities of education and the entire complex of social relations associated with it. In the XVII century, the first pedagogical systems appeared, within the framework of which the practical approbation of their ideas and approaches to life, man, society, knowledge and activity began. By this time, a systematic study of the processes of domestication and socialization, identification and description of the laws of these processes, was initiated, thanks to which considerable empirical and theoretical material was accumulated. However, during this period, there were still no clear ideas about the social tasks of General education as opposed to special education, so the first primary schools, which began to open mainly at monasteries, did not teach anything except elementary literacy. Monastic schools were intended mainly for students from the lower classes, and secular secondary schools (of various types) that appeared in the middle of the XIX century were intended for the urban bourgeoisie. Children of the aristocracy continued to receive General education from home teachers.

The modern discourse of education was formed during the Enlightenment and finally took shape in the XVIII century, especially under the influence of J. V. von Goethe, I. Pestalozzi and a number of neo-humanists. The concept of education itself has acquired a categorical status and has been dissociated from other similar concepts. Since the XIX century, the active development of profiles and nomenclature of special education began. In addition to the multiplying universities, various narrow-profile institutions began to open: military, naval, technical, and commercial. There were children's military schools (cadet corps) and secondary special educational institutions (medical, technical, pedagogical), including special women's ones. In fact, the educational system has survived to the present time in approximately this form with minor changes. From Europe and America, it gradually spread to the countries of Asia and Africa (where the traditional system of education, mainly monastic, is preserved in parallel). In the XX century, various structures of additional education and advanced training appeared, and, finally, General and special education began to form a coherent system, and secondary education in developed countries became mandatory.


From: Lavarda


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