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What sites do you use to follow your favorite celebrities?

Started Dec-11 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 112 views.

What sites do you use to follow your favorite celebrities? Can you share something interesting for me?


From: emmibrontz


I use only Instagram, I think nowadays it's the best way to follow celebrities and to watch their lives. Of course tik tok is also popular, but it's just an entertainment.  By the way many celebrities use services to get more followers and I know that one of this services is


From: Frederic1k


As for me, I just use this website It's a very convenient one as I have the possibility to check anything that I want. Probably you need to check it too there guys.... What do you think about it???

Hi there. I think nowadays the best way to follow life of your favorite celebrities is to subscribe on their pages in social networks like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Also there are many other interesting sites and blogs, for example I like this one there you can find nude photos of celebrities.


From: Alpen25


I like following girls no matter celebreties or just pretty cheeks. Five years ago I was living alone and I suffered from depression, because all my friends were married, but when I went to this site the site, I met a dream guy, and now we will soon marry us i am sure if you also go to this site you will be satisfied like me