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What is an e-learning course?

Started Jan-7 by lilla99; 152 views.

From: lilla99


What is an e-learning course?


From: afikl


In recent years, the term e-Learning has become widespread throughout the world, meaning the process of learning in electronic form via the Internet. The process of transition from traditional teaching to teaching based on computer technologies has been developing over two decades. Since the appearance of huge archives presented on machine-readable media, more and more often the idea arose to use this material for educational purposes. Globally, this became possible with the development of the Internet, which made it possible to send the required amount of data from one end of the world to the other, freely communicate with other network users online and post information on Internet sites, making them available to everyone. Online training courses have become even more popular due to the COVID 19 pandemic. For creating e-learning software solutions  you can use the tools built into distance learning systems, or you can use special software. With the built-in tools, you can only make the simplest courses: text, video, tests. With the help of specialized software, it will be possible to make a more complex and interesting product.

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From: dalana777


From a technical point of view, an e-course is a web application, i.e. a set of files that store:
course structure (in xml format)
code, such as JavaScript, which is responsible for interactivity, etc 
information about tests and other activities


From: Jeraldos


Personally, I attend online classes. But I still have a problem with writing a narrative essay.


From: Lavarda


Hello! Maybe eLearning courses are linked to the pandemic, because many universities and colleges have switched to distance learning! I can tell you that I am in college and have started getting essays a lot. This is why I wondered about how to write narrative essay. This article definitely helped me, it might help you too!