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What is the best way to celebrate a birthday party?

Started Jun-17 by kira7112; 206 views.

From: Ndiyaro


Good afternoon. As a child, I also wanted to buy myself such a doll. But it's was too expensive. For my birthday, I was always given flowers and cards. I was very pleased.


From: Dornthesh


It doesn't matter where to celebrate your birthday, but it is important with whom you will celebrate it. A week before giving birth, friends had a party to find out the gender of the baby. They ordered monogram balloons with the words ''girl" or "boy". I liked the idea of the celebration. I was checking out a wonderful time at the seaside. All this was organized by my friends to whom I am grateful.


From: Alpen25


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From: BillShiphr


I do not know how best to celebrate my birthday, because I have not celebrated them for a very long time. Although, here my young man told me that he wants to give me a big surprise for my birthday. We met him, by the way, on charmdate, it was a very strange online acquaintance in my life, but now I am absolutely happy.