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What practices do you use to improve your psycho-emotional state?

Started Jul-29 by ammarant; 217 views.

From: Holandoo


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From: ghho9


It can be a special treatment, different special activity and medicaments as well. I am making a breathing practice, yoga and walk on the street.

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From: kira7112


In order to improve and make my emotional state better, I am using special natural products likeĀ which is bringing a really positive effect. It is a natural solution, helping to improve a sleeping condition, immune system and just brings a perfect effect on the organism in general. You can use it as an everyday supplement with your drinks. But don't forget about side effects that may cause this product, like it can react with some substances and do not take too many doses of it.

  • Edited September 10, 2021 9:33 am  by  kira7112