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How to find a job after isolation?

Started Sep-4 by Mandarinich; 116 views.

From: lelekana


Unfortunately, many people have found themselves out of work. But now many companies have reopened their vacancies. There are also new companies. You can explore specialized recruiting sites.


From: kenochka


It is difficult to get a job now. The main reason is that there are a lot of job seekers and the requirements in companies have increased towards job seekers. First of all, pay attention to the writing of your resume. This is the first stage in the selection of applicants. Your profile should get the recruiter's attention to you. You can check out the tips here about it.
Also on the jobsandcareer website you can find other useful information that will help you when looking for a job.


From: goosewas


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From: Alpen25


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From: kira7112


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