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which dog breed is the best to train?

Started Jan-21 by GeraldBanks; 225 views.

From: GeraldBanks


Hello. Maybe one of you knows which dog breed is the best to train? I would like to take a dog and a shelter and teach her commands.


From: RoyMorris


I've had many dogs in my life. I can tell you that absolutely any breed lends itself well to training if you do it right. In this case, it's very important to praise your pet and reward him with goodies and various toys. I also advise you to purchase a hands free retractable dog lead, as this is an indispensable item for all dog owners. I advise you to sign up for a consultation with an experienced dog handler. Good luck.


From: Debonyt


To find out, you should definitely read more about a variety of breeds. I am sure after that many of the questions that you ask breeders will disappear by themselves.


From: Zorando


They also have a lot of interesting information about a variety of animals. I didn't think it could be interesting to me. For example, I read a great article about what is australian cattle dog. There really is a lot of interesting things out there and it seems to me that I have learned more about these dogs lately than in my entire life.

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From: John7456699


The most capable breeds include: Poodle, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Sheltie, Doberman, Golden and Labrador Retriever, Rottweiler, Australian Shepherd, Papillon. Smart and understanding. Commands need six to fifteen repetitions to memorize.


From: Megan567


GeraldBanks said:

dog breed is the best to train

I have a German Shepherd dog and can say with confidence that this breed is great to train. These dogs are very smart. The only problem we have is that he gets sick when she needs to be transported long distances. I read that Benadryl can help. I used to give this medication to my cat and a guide hereĀ helped me a lot. Did anyone try giving Benadryl to dogs? What was your experience?

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