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A Quick Guide On How To Remove Yahoo Search From Chrome

Started Jul-5 by apkmama329; 50 views.

From: apkmama329


In this modern era we all do our official and personal works with Google. It is easier and the features are practical. But Chrome browser sometimes shows yahoo as default search engine. To remove it open the Chrome program and go to Settings. Now from the left sheet, select the Search motor choice. Then you have to pick your preferred web index starting from the drop list regarding how to remove yahoo search from chrome

Presently, select the Manage web indexes choice. Click on the three spots close to Yahoo and pick Remove from list. You are all set. Now you can see Google as your default search engine. 


From: cjlab9ihih


Yes, of course most of the work has to do with Google and all the subsequent cloud computing, which is now playing an important role in our lives. After all, if you look at examples of cloud computing, Google is a great example of how it improves our lives. Yahoo tried but failed to make the right and important changes to the service and that is the reason why they are now in their last position as a search service.