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Free ringtones for iPhone and Androids

Started Sep-21 by Princess5599; 49 views.

From: Princess5599


There are dozens of free suonerie gratis on Zedge. In addition to ringtones, you can also download themes and wallpapers to your phone. You can browse the huge collection of free ringtones by genre and create your own. You can download the ringtones to your phone directly or to your computer. You can also choose your favorite songs for your iPhone from their vast database.

Another great way to create your own ringtones is to use GarageBand, a powerful multitrack music sequencer that lets you create professional-sounding songs on your iPhone. It also allows you to turn an existing song into a ringtone. All you need is a good music file and a good microphone.
You can also make your own ringtones on your iPhone. If you can record a melody or song, you can convert it to a ringtone using an audio editor. There are several free audio editors out there. The most popular is Audacity. It also has a privacy policy so you can feel safe using it.