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pharmaceutical mba

Started Dec-4 by anoshalassi; 24 views.

From: anoshalassi


cambridge university is a world-leading corporate higher education institution and most of our courses are delivered entirely online. CCU is the land of futurists where we create our own digital age and a world-leading innovative learning culture it becomes a part of us history and culture. At ccu you can choose to complete your degree at one of our international campuses offered in 19 countries around the world (CCU Corporate Centres programme) or at a Swiss campus through CCU's live model of online education. CCU eLearning model attracts busy people professionals in the digital age and offers one of the most informative and challenging educational models. Students interact with faculty and colleagues from various cultural industries and research institutions through various CCU online portals. Our innovative online model provides Participants have the opportunity to interact with industry experts industry scholars and thought leaders through live learning and lecture media.
cambridge mba
The MBA-PIM program is a leading recognition challenge and innovation program focused on developing Pharmaceutical Management development and leadership competencies in the international Pharmaceutical Industry. Participants learn interactive learning and applying state-of-the-art conceptual toolsets They live in a world of professionals who think and act in the same way speak the same language but learn how to create innovation and add value in this unique and unique strategic and operational activity in this demanding industry. Pharmaceutical CCU's faculty and academics are some of the best in the industry and regularly advise and consult with major multinational pharmaceutical companies. Pharma Managerial Candidate Spotter (PMCS) technology and assessment leads the way in the different areas of expertise offered list. CCU experts help pharmaceutical companies build advanced models and systems to discover future management candidates across different sectors and prepare them through structured development programs. Our MBA-PIM students have the opportunity to acquire personal and professional skills and Meet the required characteristics for Pharma Managerial Candidate SPOTTER assessment in a leading multinational pharmaceutical mba organization.