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The legend of the chemical equipment is here. Can you tell its name at a glance?

Started Feb-2 by ylors; 49 views.

From: ylors


Original title: The legend of chemical equipment is here. Can you tell its name at a glance? All kinds of chemical equipment are the most common and essential in chemical plants, and each kind of chemical equipment has its unique shape on the drawing, so can you say its name at a glance? Today, Xiao Qi has sorted out more than 100 high-definition big pictures, so that you can know the name of the equipment on the drawings at a glance. There are many kinds of chemical equipment, and there are many ways to classify them. For example,hemp extraction centrifuge, according to the structure and material, they can be divided into carbon steel equipment, stainless steel equipment and non-metallic equipment. According to the pressure,thin film distillation, it can be divided into high pressure equipment, medium pressure equipment, vacuum equipment and normal pressure equipment. It is roughly divided as follows according to the use function: Chemical containers: tanks, pots, kettles, jacketed glass reactor ,wiped film evaporator, etc; Separator: packed tower, float valve tower, bubble cap tower, rotating disc tower, etc; The reactor comprises a tubular reactor, a fluidized reactor and a stirred tank reactor; Heat exchanger: tubular, plate heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, etc; Heating furnace: electric heating furnace, tubular cracking furnace, waste heat boiler, etc.; Crystallization equipment: solution crystallizer, melting crystallizer, etc.; Other special chemical equipment, etc. Tower equipment (code T) Packed tower Plate column Expand the full text Spray Tower Tower internals Downcomer Liquid receiving tray Valve tray Bubble cap column tray Grating plate Riser Turbulent ball tower Sieve tray Distributor (Distributor) Sprinkler Screen defoaming layer Filler demister layer Reactor (code R) Fixed bed reactor Tubular reactor Fluidized bed reactor Reaction kettle (closed type with stirring jacket) Reaction kettle (open type with stirring jacket) Reactor (open inner coil with stirring jacket) Industrial furnace (code F) Box-type furnace Cylindrical furnace Flare stack (code S) Chimney Torch Heat exchanger (code E) Schematic diagram of heat exchanger Fixed tubesheet heat exchanger U-tube heat exchanger Floating head tubular heat exchanger Double Tube Heat Exchanger Kettle type heat exchanger Plate heat exchanger Spiral plate heat exchanger Finned tube heat exchanger Coil (coil) heat exchanger Spray Cooler Scraper film evaporator Tubular (thin film) evaporator Induced draft air cooler Air supply type air cooler Fin tube heat exchanger with fan Pump (code P) Centrifugal pump Water ring vacuum pump Rotary pump and gear pump Screw pump Diaphragm pump Submerged pump Jet Pump Vortex pump Compressor (code C) Air Blower Rotary compressor (vertical) Centrifugal compressor Reciprocating compressor Two-stage reciprocating compressor Four-stage reciprocating compressor Vessel (Code V) Conical roof tank (Underground, semi-underground) pool, trough,winterization filtration, pit Floating roof tank Vessel with dome and conical bottom Butterfly head vessel Flat top container Dry gas holder Wet gas holder Spherical tank Horizontal vessel Packing defoaming separator Wire mesh defoaming separator Cyclone separator Dry electrostatic precipitator Wet electrostatic precipitator Fixed bed filter Filter with filter cartridge Equipment internals accessories Vortex breaker Insert a tubular vortex breaker Impingement plate Heating or cooling component Agitator Hoisting and transportation machinery (code L) Chain block (with trolley) Electric Hoist Single beam crane (manual) Single beam crane (electric) Slewing crane jib crane Hook bridge crane Belt Conveyor Scraper conveyor Bucket Elevator Trolley Weighing machine (code W) Belt dosing scale Ground scale Other machinery (code M) Filter press Rotary drum (rotary disc) filter Perforated shell centrifuge Non-porous shell centrifuge Screw filter press Extruder Kneading machine Mixer Power machine Motor Internal combustion engine, gas engine Steam Turbine Other power machines Centrifugal expander, turbine Piston expander -END-Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.