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Infinite Samsara Horror Full txt Download

Started Feb-2 by Pablss; 52 views.

From: Pablss


"Big brother, do you have any nv friends?" Champagne is a very sweet foreign wine, the wine is not very mellow, but because of this, if not abstemious, drunk will not know. Zhou Lina is just like this. She is not very old, but she is very rebellious in the real world. She drinks at the age of Xi xiaoxiao. At this time, she has drunk a lot of wine with Jie Juan and others unconsciously. Xi xiao blushes, walks left and right, and pulls Meng Xiang's clothes to pretend to be a shy girl. Friends of nv? No Meng Xiang answered casually. Han Fan drank some wine and took the initiative to speak. He said, "Meng Xiang, you don't look ugly. You are a good young man. Why don't you become a nv friend?" "He may be Brokeback. Be careful." Jiejuan covered her mouth and laughed as if something had happened. Meng Xiang glared at her mercilessly: "My Brokeback?"? Would you like me to try? He poured a glass of wine into his mouth, and the sweet nectar was wrapped around his tongue, which made him feel very comfortable. Meng Xiang leaned back in his chair with a long sigh. "No house, no car, no money. How can I be a friend of Jijiaonv?" The cruelty of the real world, or not under the world of reincarnation, Meng Xiang, who is wallowing at the grass-roots level of society, suddenly has a feeling that the world of reincarnation is more suitable for him. Then, I'll be your nv friend. Zhou Lina next to Meng Xiang's body, at the foot of the frivolous, almost fell, Meng Xiang reached out to gently hold her, let her stand firm. She blushed and said with a half-smile, "You are better than the eldest brother I know in the real world. I admire you so much." "Ha ha,warehouse rack manufacturer, I don't like Lori." Meng Xiang laughed shyly. I must be your nv friend, so that you can protect me. Zhou Lina does not comply, clings to Meng Xiang to twist the body, unexpectedly plays a spoiled child. "You don't have to be his nv friend. He will protect you, too. Ding Jie is our nominal captain, and Meng Xiang is our boss," said Jiejuan. Jiejuan's words are right, since the beginning of "Van Helsing", Meng Xiang has been in the leading position in the unknown team,Pallet rack supplier, Jiejuan and others, but also because of Meng Xiang's strength, to survive until now. Meng Xiang was awakened by the words. He looked at the crowd and suddenly felt so much pressure that he could hardly breathe. Maybe the captain has a lot of power, even double the reward, but equally, the captain is responsible for the safety of the team members, from training new people to deciding the strategy, the final decision is the captain. Otherwise, when the captain as Ding Jie that de xxìng, such a wimp, it is really a failure. Meng Xiang never wanted to be the captain, nor did he want to be the captain. The greatest enjoyment of entering the world of reincarnation is freedom, improving strength and fighting for life. Although has been calculated by Ding Jie, but Meng Xiang with his own strength and luck, step by step to the present, that kind of satisfaction, stronger than anything. But if he really becomes the captain, everyone will follow his lead. He has to think ahead and back for the team. If there is danger, Narrow aisle rack ,Pallet rack upright, he must take the lead. When he meets the team battle, he becomes the target of public criticism. He asked himself that he could not be a loser like Ding Jie, but to be a qualified leader, he did not want to get involved in this mess. Haha, as long as you take advantage of me, I will protect you, but this is just Jijiao Yi, use each other, don't treat me as the boss. Xixiao girl, you are in this shape now. After 10 years, come back to you to confuse me. Meng Xiang drank wine and spoke in a vulgar way, and the guests next to him cast contemptuous eyes one after another. I want it, I want it. Zhou Lina was so drunk that she danced with her hands and feet. The projection figures around her cast surprised eyes one after another. Jie Juan pulled her into her arms and put one on her Xi xiao face. She said with a smile, "You don't need to be her nv friend. He will protect you, too. Don't worry, you can't confuse him. If you count me, it won't work." "She also pulled Mu Feier, a shy girl, over and said," Counting Feier, our nameless team's three most beautiful nvs are not afraid that he will not nod. " Although her words were somewhat foul, they were full of confusion from her pretty mouth. Even Mu Feier could not help blushing and giggling. Protect these people? If there is spare capacity, or will. It's fun to struggle with them in the world of reincarnation. Meng Xiang looked at them laughing and slapstick, the burden in his heart was swept away, he figured out, "I have no obligation to protect the team members, but if I can, or really should let the unknown team add more team members, so that when I have time to travel to the world of drama, at least more companions, say a laugh, it's better to join a few more beautiful nv, can't always let Jiejuan 1 person in power, aesthetic fatigue.." Meng Xiang muttered, and under the influence of the wine, he could not help but join the ranks of slapstick. Team, it's more interesting. Meng Xiang raised his glass and shouted, "Come on, let's toast." "Cheers." Everyone raised their glasses again and again, and even Mufeier washed away his shyness. This night, they drank late into the night. Happy time passes very quickly, Meng Xiang also cherishes the days with the team members, the next horror film, punishment plot, how many people come back alive? No one knows. [] The latest and fastest chapter, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Inception Chapter 138 Return.. To vent one's anger [] Updated: 201110311:38:23 Words in this Chapter: 3948 Chapter 138 return.. To vent one's anger Unconsciously spent 7 days in the first layer of dreams, and finally returned to reality. For Arthur and other plot characters, they woke up and returned to the plane they had left in reality, while Meng Xiang and other reincarnations ended their mission in Inception. With a feeling of mmímí, they returned to the space of the main God. In the vast white space of the main God, the main God in the air projects six pillars of light. In the light column, Meng Xiang and others, as well as Ding Jie. Ding Jie was in a mess. In the third layer of the dream, he was shot by a Gauss sniper rifle. Only 1/1 o of the golden holy clothes could not resist his defensive power. Almost half of his body, together with the holy clothes,Warehouse storage racks, was shattered. Now, under the light p
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