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When a vampire bites Omega.

Started Feb-2 by Pablss; 58 views.

From: Pablss


The author has something to say: Zai Zai can comfort people, and Ma Ma is very gratified! Carey: I'm glad too:) Chapter 23: If it is no longer special for the gentleman Chapter 23: If it is no longer special for the gentleman Carey did not expect to be suddenly comforted, stunned for a moment, holding Ivan's wrist on his forehead. The child's skin sticks to the palm of his hand, and his body temperature is slightly low. But the petite and lovely Omega, usually the body temperature will not be too high, so he did not care. Just led him all the way back to the table. Ivan kept his eyes on the picture on the wall, thought for a moment, and pulled it back gently as his husband's hand pulled away. What's going on? Don't you want me to feed you? Carey laughed and joked. Sure enough, he saw a blush on the boy's pale face and said with shame and annoyance, "No!" Carey touched his meaty face and asked, "What is that?" "Just.." If an oil painting expert wants to see this painting, can you.. Don't give them. Afraid that Kaili would not agree, he held his palms in both hands, shook them gently, and said softly, "Sir, can you?"? Please.. Standing opposite Kaili, after this soft coquetry,Pallet rack beams, his eyes suddenly darkened. The boy clasped his hands together and held his palms. The cold touch came from the skin inch by inch. If you look down, you can see the eyes like the deep sea, with nervous dependence and piety. Kaili's eyelids jumped slightly a few times, and his fingers, which were held in the palm of his hand by the teenager, trembled twice. He turned the tables and held them back forcefully. Then, gently in front of him,Drive in racking system, the young man leaned towards him. Carey held Ivan with great strength, as if he had exhausted his strength, and his fingertips were faintly blue. Well, it hurts. The boy intoned, "Sir.." Hearing this whispered complaint, Carey, who had been in a daze since just now, finally came to his senses and let go. The doorbell rang at that moment. Carey hurried to the living room. Ivan rubbed his pinched red hand and moved the tip of his burning little ear. Then, after the gentleman opened the door, there was a loud voice outside. Brother Cary, my uncle and I are here! It's raining heavily outside, and it's getting heavier and heavier. Look at my trouser legs. Do you have any clothes to change for me? "The exam of course three is simply abnormal. I heard that the highest score of the whole grade is only 80. Which course and exam have you seen? The highest score of the whole school is only 80!" "I heard early that he was a pervert, and he had read all the books he had given him!"! I have calculated myself, Narrow aisle rack ,long span shelving, that paper, the maximum deduction of five points, he gave me eighty! I have asked him to talk in the office the day after tomorrow, to shift the papers and talk face to face! I'll see how he explains it to me! The voice sounds very familiar. Ivan didn't remember who it was until there was a slight gasp and a full speech behind him. It's no use looking for it. The scores are registered on the official website of the school. Can I change it for you? If you have that time, you might as well prepare for other subjects and pull up the average score. Ivan followed the sound and looked at the door. Sure enough, it was the professor he had met in the studio, who was crazy about oil painting. And the professor's side, is the last time to see him not pleasing to the eye, like a peacock. Andy, if I remember correctly? The two men outside did not notice anyone else in the restaurant and were still chatting to themselves. The older professor changed his slippers and said, "Major, I'm here to ask you if you have any contact information for the little classmate named Ivan."? That painting of his, it's so.. In the middle of his speech, he suddenly paused and looked straight into the dining room. Slightly embarrassed, Ivan put down his sandwich and prepared to greet the two men. When the hand was half raised, the professor suddenly ran towards him with shining eyes, one foot without taking off its shoes, and the other was completely naked. Then Like the wind, it rushed to the opposite painting. Ivan:?? Just raised his little hand and silently withdrew it. Amazing!” An angry exclamation of surprise. Then, the man like the wind pulled up a chair and stepped on it with his shoes on. Like a frog, the whole person propped up on the frame and studied it inch by inch. That's great, that's great! amazing ,fantastic ,excellent ,yes ! Where's the magnifying glass? Andy, go get my magnifying glass! Andy was also stunned by his uncle's operation, so he changed his slippers and ran here. Seeing the blond boy at the table, the idea of greeting was gone, and he rushed straight under the chair. Clutching his uncle's sleeve, he lowered his voice and said, "Uncle, you madman, come down quickly!"! This is Your Highness's house. There is no magnifying glass for you. Come down quickly! Your Highness will be angry in a moment! Ivan, who could hear clearly from the side:. He looked at the shoe print that had been trampled on the gentleman's chair, and then turned to look at the gentleman coming towards him. The mood is complicated. The professor who came to his senses finally realized where it was and jumped down from the chair to wipe the chair full of shoe prints. Temple. Major, I'm sorry. I was so excited to see this painting. Who is the author of this painting? So beautiful, so real! From the canvas, you can see the dynamic feeling that people are about to come out! Top! Absolutely top art! I didn't expect that there would be such a person in our time! Ivan, as the original author, listened to the wave of rainbow farts blowing into the sky, and for a moment he did not know what expression to put on. He looked timidly at his husband and quietly made a kneeling gesture with his fingers, his blue eyes full of entreaties. When Carey saw the child's movements, he bent his lips slightly and deliberately slowed down and said, "This painting.." Then, stop. The child listened to this sentence,Cantilever Storage rack, involuntarily took a big breath, and then held his breath. His whole chest was bulging, and he looked at him nervously.