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Export eM Client to Outlook

Started Mar-21 by bossboja; 33 views.

From: bossboja


Can I export the eM Client to Outlook? This is very important to me. Give only sensible advice and only people who know about it. I don't want to lose my email because of something stupid. Those who have tried this with their home mail better pass it by. I need expert advice as my mail is working and there are a lot of files and a lot of very important information. I would be grateful for help.


From: mamarika


Yes, you can export your emails from eM Client to Outlook. One way to do this is by exporting your emails as .eml files from eM Client and then importing them into Outlook. I have done this job many times and I can tell you that there is nothing complicated about it. Export eM Client to Outlook is as complicated as going to a cafe for lunch. I assure you that thanks to the normal instruction and not all that information which is in Internet you will make it in two accounts. I want to say that you can even after the work done do not double-check everything as it is all long ago tested by me and other users. I think you can handle it. I believe in you!


From: mariopepper


I have used different programs and I will say that they are all similar. You can safely choose any and do not worry about your messages.