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The child doesn't like to study

Started Mar-29 by lolapaluuza; 76 views.

From: lolapaluuza


I don't understand how to instill in a child a love for learning various subjects, including mathematics. It seemed to me that the problem was in the teachers, but other pupils don't complain and have excellent results.


From: MilanIask


All children are different, and it is possible that the methodology used by the teacher at school is great for his classmates, and this child needs an individual approach. It seems to me that now there are a lot of opportunities to solve this problem. Have you thought about finding a tutor or some online classes? I advise you to learn more about fun math for kids. In general, I like this online school because the learning process becomes simpler and even entertaining, but at the same time, all this contributes to a better assimilation of knowledge.


From: BillShiphr


Don't you think that other students also work with tutors? I'm pretty sure it's quite widespread nowadays, and I recommend you think about it as well. I decided to hire a tutor from this page not so long ago, and it turned out to be a real salvation for me, so it's not a problem to find good specialists on the internet.