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Is trust important in business?

Started 6/7/19 by kenochka; 436 views.

What is important for Business is actually an Idea and your Passion to implement that idea to the fullest for public interest. My idea is to create esport betting service. I found ready-made solution for this purpose, it is from Betinvest looks great! What do you think about my idea?

Trust is essential in any relationship. Be it personal or business. Suspicion abounds as well in these matters. In business there can only be one boss. There can be directors and managers but if there is no one accountable for everything then you move from an organization to a government. In a household there is a dominate partner no matter how subtle the dominance. When you trust lost then it takes a lot of faith to hold things together. 
By the way I want to ask do you use business cards? I want to create such cards with special QR codes via I read that on QR code on a business card is more efficient than anything else. Business cards provide a better conversion rate when enhanced with such codes! What do you think about this?