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Your best hobby ever

Started 6/10/19 by vakovako; 502 views.

I like sport games especially football!

I prefer gardening. Basically a generic gardening hobby is an interest in and practice of growing a plant or multiple plants. It can be as simple as keeping a spider-plant alive on your desk in your office, or as complex and involved as growing a formal English rose garden or a fruit tree orchard. No matter what type of gardening, it’s a great way to focus on something outside yourself and interact with a small piece of nature. I read different blogs, for example from Johnny Hunt, and search new cool ideas to implement! It is very interesting!


From: samuidan


My hobby is garden and woodworking. Lately I bought new ladder for my hobby. Ladder is really useful tool for house and DIY projects. I have extension one. These ladders only work in a straight formation and may require abundant storage because of this. But before buying it I read one guide