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Is eating caviar an acquired taste?

Started Jun-21 by Brian Griffin (BrianGriffi1); 123 views.

Is eating caviar an acquired taste?

Kinda salty and fishy. Really good caviar tastes less salty (which means it must be very, very fresh, because it spoils easily). The really distinctive aspect of caviar is more about its texture. The eggs pop on your tongue, and the rich, slightly sweet taste oozes into your mouth and the flavor fills your nose.

If the taste is overwhelmingly of salt or is unpleasantly fishy, it's not good caviar, and is fit to be eaten with mayonnaise egg salad, chopped onion and capers to hide its brutishness.  Both the salt and fish tastes should be there, of course, along with umami and the smell of the open sea, and perhaps a somewhat mineral taste. More info and examples you can find here